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UI /UX  Design




I had opportunity to work with team to build an experience that engage client and helps them find the right information about the product.
I developed high fidelity wireframes, clickable prototypes, and users flow for the web and mobile site.


Why was a redesign needed   —

  • Lack of ability to find  the information

  • Information was displayed in a way that poorly conveyed the use of the product

  • The visuals were inconsistent, making the design cluttered and difficult to navigate

Solution  —

I started off the project by mapping out the current architecture of the website and change the layout of information in a way that is more intuitive and user-friendly. This was done in order to ensure that once the user visits the site, they can find the information they need quickly and in an easy to understand manner.
I have developed icons for every problem to get the user oriented the easiest way possible.

Interactive map was implemented to the pharmacy search.

Typography  —

Low-fidelity Desktop Prototype

Some of the key changes include improved information architecture as well as a minimalistic design with consistent visuals.

low fidelity wireframe home
Screenshot 2022-05-21 at 11.01.23.png
Screenshot 2022-05-21 at 22.18.48.png
High-fidelity Desktop Prototype

This high-fidelity prototype for desktop and mobile devices, built in Adobe XD, connects wireframes in the user flow for on-boarding, then getting the right information. 

This wireframe contains the interactive links that allow the user to proceed forwards and backwards within the sequence, and the embedded cues for user navigation are clearly indicated.


Active Elements

As minimalism made its way into the website design, it also has influenced icon design. The circle is the first, simplest, and most perfect geometrical shape, and easy for users to identify the problem they search for.

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